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Earldom Group SME Growth Accelerator provides a structured and methodical approach to dealing with critical business challenges, guided by industry experts in specialized domains through mentoring of business owners, as an enabler for chambers, industry trade associations, and apex bodies of SMEs in Africa.
Funding is a major hurdle that businesses must overcome to meet their needs. But that’s not all! On top of the financial challenge, helping businesses grow is vital. Offering advice and coaching to boost business growth is the role of Earldom Group’s SME accelerator programs.
The first program is scheduled to launch by Earldom Group in October 2022. The SME Growth Accelerator will provide support to at least 60 SMEs annually, selected for their growth potential. Over the course of a 24-month intensive programme, participating companies will receive personalized support consisting of consulting tailored to their needs as SMEs and which will be carried out by experienced consultants (360° diagnostic, themed consulting modules), training specific to issues facing SMEs (in-person and e-learning), and relationship building for peer discussions, networking, and building motivation.

The program goals include:

The program goals include:
• Identifying growth priorities
• Building quickly upon identified resources
• Encouraging strategic thinking
• Surrounding self with the right people to manage growth challenges
• Building a network of successful entrepreneurs

Who is it for?

The SME Growth Accelerator is a customized program for grassroots SMEs with revenues of $5000+ and strong growth goals.

What we do

We provide you with carefully curated accelerator cohort programs and a community of incredible people across industries to help you build your business
We connect you with a cross-section of industry leaders who have the best-in-class experience to help you tackle the myriad challenges faced in your business
With regular events, internal networks and an excellent support system our accelerator cohort program can be one of the greatest assets in your growth journey


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